How to be classically beautiful?

The Dutch are known for their artworks and colorfulness. If you have heard of their history, you won’t miss names like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Piet Mondrian, who were great painters. There has been a surge of interest in Dutch artwork and lifestyle in different parts of the world. There have been ongoing art gallery tours and exhibitions in other parts of the world which try to showcase the Dutch way of life.

The Steps to follow to be classically beautiful

Wearing classic pieces- If you consider yourself classy, you should never wear trendy outfits. Elegant people wear simple details, like a black dress with an adorable accessory, glasses, a scarf, and a simple piece of jewelry. You will find people wearing oversized glasses and undying suit pieces. You don’t necessarily have to dress in an old-school way; instead, you have the liberty to expand your wardrobe as much as possible. Ensure that you have a unique style that is sophisticated to other people. Your appearance should be fun as well as aesthetic.

Try to keep your style to a minimum- You may not have to wear something extreme. For women, if it is make-up, it should be a little, and for men, if it is accessories like jewelry, it shouldn’t be excessive. Try to make your dress code’s best feature stand out without emphasizing it.

Respect your hair’s natural texture- When dressing, your main aim is to ensure that your style is healthy and outstanding. If need be, contact your hairdresser and ask about the best and easiest way to maintain your hairstyle. It will save you a lot of time you might have used trying different styles.

Maintain your hygiene- If you fail to maintain it, it kills all other aspects of your style. Ensure you have kept your nails and toenails to be short and clean. It is best if you go for a simple French manicure.

Always be positive and happy- You will look beautiful when you are positive and optimistic. If anything is causing you trouble, it is acceptable to show it. Just ensure that your style is beautiful and reserved. It would be best if you always took control of how you look.

Mind what you speak- the most effective way to show that you are intelligent is by what you say. You should brush your Dutch and have a diverse knowledge of different subjects. It will be a great addition to your style.


Mind the colors you wear- black is the best and easiest color to wear. It is simple, and most people look good in it. Although wearing an all-black outfit is boring. You should try and bring out the simplicity of it by using other single colors like red, white, or green. Also, try to find out which colors will come out best with your skin complexion and eye color. If you understand this, it will be easy to know which color best goes the style.


To be classically beautiful is simple and easy, although it can be challenging if you have a problematic approach. If you follow the steps, you will achieve to have a classy and beautiful style

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    I never wear makeup so when I put on mascara, I feel like I tried 😂 makes a big difference!

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