Merrily into winter with warm hands

On the one hand, it provides beautiful winter pictures, on the other, cold fingers are terribly annoying and distracting. Fortunately, there are solutions for every weather condition, such as heated gloves for women. These are gloves powered by a powerful but compact battery. Which allow you to warm up for hours without experiencing cold hands.

What are heated gloves for women?

As explained above, they are battery-powered heated gloves for women. The heated gloves for women themselves contain a heating element, at BERTSCHAT® this is done manually. So that even the tip of the fingertips are heated. How big that heating element is is a choice you may make yourself. For example, there are several heated gloves for women that heat the entire top of the hand, as well as gloves that heat both the entire top and bottom. The latter is BERTSCHAT®’s Dual Heating technology, which makes them unique. The heating element obviously does not generate heat of its own, to this you connect a powerful battery. The battery is integrated into the glove at wrist height, so it does not get in the way. By simply pressing the on/off button, you have a choice of three different heat settings of the heated gloves for women. So there is a solution for every temperature.

The right choice

Given the wide range of heated gloves for women, it is important to decide beforehand what activity you intend to use the gloves for. For example, there are utlra thin under gloves, ideal for a short hike or activities where you need the fine motor skills, such as hunting, but are less suitable for on a bike or extremely cold areas without wearing a glove over them.

The most popular choice, judging by the reviews are the heated gloves for women with Dual Heating technology. Here, an insulating layer is already incorporated into the gloves, so the heat is retained well and cannot escape. In addition, the heating element is woven throughout the gloves, so you can never get cold hands again. 

Heating time

But a larger heating surface also comes with a lot of energy consumption, as you might know from the electric bike. The higher the assistance, the harder you go, but the sooner your battery runs out. This is of course no different with heated gloves for women, the higher the setting, the warmer, but the more energy it takes. As a result, the duration of use (with standard supplied batteries) varies between 1.5 and 8 hours. If you are planning a full day of cycling, hiking or winter sports, more powerful batteries are available for a small extra cost. This will extend your user time.


Advice on heated gloves for women

Should you be unable to make a choice, that’s no problem. The aforementioned provider has a wide range of contact options, namely: by phone, chat and by mail. As a result, there is always an adviser available to speak to you. As can be seen on the website, a suitable set of heated gloves for women is available for every activity.

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