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How to give a back massage

The Perfect Way to Do a Back Massage


The human back is one of the most overworked body parts. It maintains and supports the body’s posture, which leaves it strained. A back massage is therefore recommended as it eases pain and prevents back stiffness. It also remedies skin breakdown, which might interrupt normal body functioning as it is the largest body organ.

The Process

1. Set-Up

To get the best outcome, ensure the massage table is comfortable and has all the necessary equipment. There is a professional back massage table, complete with a face cradle and soft surface for your belly.

Alternatively, you can use the floor, a kitchen table or a couch. Add a soft mat and a clean sheet to make the set-up comfortable. Consider gentle music, a warm ambience and deem lights to help with body relaxation. If you have scented candles, light them and fill the room with a nice smell.

2. Body Posture

Let the person lie on their belly facing down. Face down is the best posture as it aligns the spinal code from the head to the pelvic region.

Have them undress, especially their upper clothes, to expose the back. In all these, maintain privacy and only instruct the person to undress up to where they are comfortable.

Towels are essential as they cover non-essential body parts. They can also absorb any excess moisture content in the atmosphere. If you do not have the face cradle, you can fold the towel to a c-shape and let the person sink their face in.

3. Back Massaging

Put oil, preferably warm, on the palm of your hands. Rub them gently to spread the oil on your palms evenly.

Start massaging from the lower back as you move up. The hand movement should be slow as you gently press against the skin. Do this for some time to straighten the back muscles. Exerting pressure helps in the following ways:

Depending on the pressure applied, you can know which areas are painful. Be gentle with the painful area, and if it is worse, suggest a visit to the chiropractor.

Circular massage movements while exerting pressure using the thumbs straighten stiff muscles, bringing in a relaxing feeling.

The movements should be on either side of the spine, from the lower back coming up as you press gently for maximum effect. Massage around the neck also relieves pressure and calms the neck ligaments.

Alternate these down-up massages with shoulder massages, starting from the shoulders to the arms. You can also try cross-body massage which compliments body symmetry.

With every down-up movement, ensure your hands are oily. The more you repeat the process, the more relaxing and effective it becomes.

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A body massage is ideal, especially after heavy work, long walks or general body fatigue. It keeps the body in good shape, rejuvenated and healthy. Make it part of your routine to keep your body active and healthy.

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