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How to medidate

How to Practice Meditation

Meditation is a common practice that individuals are into nowadays, as it is not complicated, and anyone can do it at any given time and day. This practice is associated with many benefits to the body, including enhancing happiness, reducing stress, and increasing clarity and calmness. Once you have learned how to meditate, the benefits come quickly. In this post, you will read the simple tips for getting started on the journey toward greater composure and joy. All you need to do now is take a deep breath and be ready for relaxation. Read on.

Get a Comfortable Environment

Meditation is a practice that requires a quiet and peaceful environment. The main aim of doing it in a peaceful environment is to focus and concentrate. You need to be in a place free from any form of distractions. Get somewhere where you can stay for up to 30 minutes with zero disturbances; the place doesn’t have to be big.

Put on Comfortable Attire

One of the main aims of meditation is to calm the mind and free it from distraction. You cannot do this practice if you are in clothes making you uncomfortable. During meditation, put on loose clothing, and ensure you don’t have shoes on your feet.

Decide the Duration

You need to decide how long you will be doing the practice. In this phase, if you are a beginner, you will have to do it at a time of 5 minutes once a day. On the hand, if you are a veteran, you can have a 20 minutes session twice a day.

Get a Comfortable Position

In meditation, comfort is the key; therefore, you need to be in a position that works for you. Normally the right position for meditation is sitting on a cushion on the ground, in a lotus or half lotus position. These positions can be hard for individuals who are not flexible in their legs, hips and lower back. So if the positions can’t work on you, opt for a posture that will enable you to have a balanced sitting position.

Close your Eyes

To focus and relax during the entire process, consider closing your eyes. The process can be done with the eyes open or closed. A novice will need to do it with their eyes closed. Veterans can do it with open or closed eyes. If you choose to do it while your eyes are open, then it will be best to keep them soft so that they will not be able to focus on anything in particular.

Once you have closed your eyes, you will have to focus on your breath and body movement per the inhalation and exhalation processes. Notice every movement of your body parts as you breathe, and observe your shoulders, belly, rib cage and chest. As you focus on the attention, do it without controlling the pace or intensity. You can maintain this meditation practice for a maximum of five minutes and then try for longer.

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If you want peace, happiness and body relaxation, you must practice meditation. It is a proven practice that helps in reinstating the body. The above steps are useful to both novices and veterans. Follow them, and you will experience the best of meditation.

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