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How to make pancakes

Making Pancakes at home


Pancakes are a timeless classic. They are simple and social, you can make pancakes when you have friends to visit, and they are also a good comfort food or even a nice breakfast. Pancakes go with anything, you can have them with syrup, cream, fruit, or you can do French style pancakes with fillings such as cheese, egg and ham. Pancakes are versatile and they are easy to make.

Recipe and method for pancakes.

Here’s a simple recipe for pancakes, this recipe will make up to 12 pancakes, depending on how thick or thin you like them, but you can experiment with extra ingredients for more.
The recipe: 2 eggs, 300ml milk, a pinch of salt, 100g of flour, a tablespoon of cooking oil. What you will need: A large bowl for the mixture, a whisk or beater, a large frying pan, and a spoon, spatula or turner to to turn the pancake in the pan.

Method: You mix these ingredients into a smooth batter in the bowl, make sure the batter is completely lump-free. Heat a greased or oiled frying pan on a medium high heat, make sure the pan is well oiled to prevent the oil or pancakes burning or sticking.

Take a cup and pour pancake mix carefully into the pan, enough for one pancake at a time, as thin or thick as you prefer, but do not take your eyes off the pan once the mix is in there, pancakes cook very quickly. It will take as little as two minutes to get a pancake golden or brown on both sides. You will need to turn the pancake to ensure that both sides are golden brown. Don’t attempt any artistic pancake flipping unless you are confident, there is hot oil in the pan and it can cause burns!

Put the pancakes on a plate or tray once cooked and allow them to cool a little before serving. You can also freeze pancakes once cold, if you do, it’s best to layer them between sheets of greaseproof paper otherwise they can stick together and be hard to separate intact.

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Everyone loves pancakes, they are a universal favourite. And as you can see, they are so easy to make. So whether it’s for a breakfast treat or whether you have friends round, get the pancakes out!
Pancakes are ideal for any time of day and year, not just Pancake Day. You can have them for breakfast, lunch or your evening meal, you can have a pancake party. Everything goes well with a pancake. You can put pancakes with sugar and lemon, chocolate, ice cream, fruit, cream, syrups of all kinds, and of course there are savoury pancakes as made in the North of France, which make a nice meal, these are made much the same as normal pancakes although you can add grated cheese or chopped ham to the batter.
Don’t wait, today is a pancake day!

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    Fun fact: Waffles are just pancakes with Abs

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    Just remember everyone, your first pancake is a bit like your first child – it always ends up a little weird

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