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How to shave your public hair

How to Get rid of pubic hair.

Pubic hair is just normal hair which grows around people’s genitals(irrespective of gender). It begins growth once a person reaches puberty and grows throughout their life. This hair is beneficial to humans since it protects the groins from bacteria in the same way eyelashes protect the eyes. It also prevents skin irritation by clothing by acting as a lubricant. When it is cold, it is pubic hair that keeps our private parts warm. Since it is a biological process, you don’t necessarily need to shave it off for any sexual reasons, health or otherwise, besides from possibly to reduce sweat odor which could accumulate on the hair. Grooming your pubic hair is a matter of personal taste. There are numerous ways one can Remove pubic hair:

How to shave your pubic hair.

  • Since the genitals are a sensitive region, hygiene must be observed and shaving must be done keenly to avoid skin irritation.
  • First trim your pubic hair using a pair of scissors to a manageable length. If that is good enough for you, you can stop there.
  • Exfoliate the pubic area using a gentle scrub to remove any underlying dead skin for a cleaner , more hygienic shave.
  • Before shaving, it is advisable to soak your pubic region for some time to relax the hair follicles for easier shaving.
  • After soaking, lather a handful of shaving gel and apply on the hair. This lubricates therefore the blade can shave easily across the skin with minimal irritation. This step also helps prevent re-shaving the same area which could cause irritation.
  • Using a sharp razor, shave off the remaining hair in the direction of hair growth. This reduces chances of getting razor burns. Replace it if necessary. Ensure that it is gently pressed against the skin and the motion should be short but steady strokes without re-shaving the same area. Rinse the razor after every stroke.
  • Once done, rinse off and apply your moisturizer of choice(preferably alcohol free). Allow your skin some time to recover before wearing tight clothes.
  • Clean your shaving razor and keep it ready for your next shave. Do not leave any hair clogged on it.


Waxing is the thin application of a wax mixture to the skin. A paper or cloth is then pressed against the top and quickly ripped off in the direction opposite to hair growth. This is more costly and time consuming compared to shaving. It also comes with some degree of pain.

Hair removal creams.

With this, one does not need to have a blade. Just apply the cream, wait for the chemicals to weaken the hair then wash it all off. Just ensure you’ve done a patch test before applying any chemical on your skin to reduce chances of getting skin irritation.


Laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is a procedure that permanently/ semi-permanently removes unwanted hair by using a concentrated laser beam. This requires a professional’s knowledge and also comes at a higher cost compared to the other procedures.

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