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How to ask a girl out

How to Confidently Ask a Girl Out and Get a Positive Response


Are you crushing on a certain girl, and you already want to ask her out, but you’re not sure how to do it? Asking a girl out is easier than most people think, but there are a few things to be observed for the positive feedback. Here are a few tricks that will make her say yes!

Making a Girl Want You

Before you even think about asking the lady out, you have to make her want you because it’ll be easier for her to say yes. To make yourself a worthwhile catch, you must work on yourself physically and psychologically. Here are a few things to do to make a girl want you:
• Be unique in your dress code and how you talk
• Act confident but not rude
• Be charming and a gentleman
• Stay interesting and focus on making her happy

How Do You Ask a Girl Out?

Now that you’ve probably worked on yourself and made the girl like you, it’s time to ask her out. Remember, in everything you do, confidence is important. Once you’re ready to take her out, below are top tips on how to ask her out:
• Start by learning what she likes doing – you should especially focus on her interests and hobbies. This will make it easier for you to plan and ask for a date. Moreover, she’ll likely agree because the date involves what she likes doing.
• Ask her to help you do an activity – with most women, you need to be tactful, and one way of doing so is by asking her to help you out with something. For example, it could be finishing a project, fixing a gadget or building a structure. This way, the lady will think you have no ulterior motives and trust you.
• Arrange for a game date with her – instead of doing the usual by taking her to a restaurant for dinner, you could make things better by asking her out on a game. It could be a game she’s interested in or board games which are more universal.
• Invite her for a group date with your friends – this will also help you check your compatibility, and it’s the easiest way to ask someone out. Most ladies will trust you once you mention you’ll be in the company of friends, and they’ll hardly decline your offer. You could probably go on a double date, karaoke night or a simple game night as friends.
• Go simple by inviting her to have drinks with you – this works better with ladies who like going out, and it’s a casual way of knowing someone. So, you can decide to go for a classy night with champagne or tequila shots.



Once she has accepted to go out with you, ensure you make a date memorable by doing something unique and fun. Remember to make the atmosphere cosy for the two of you so that you can get to know each other and probably ask each other out for another date.

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