How to play Uno

Uno is a popular, simple, enjoyable card game that is played by millions of people all around the world. This game is played by matching and discarding cards from one’s hand until none remain. When you play Uno, you aim to eliminate your cards as swiftly and effectively as possible.

The only way to win the game and gain points is to be the first person to run out of cards. To do so, play cards from your hand that match the number, colour or action of the top card in the discard pile. You can also use a wild card to change the card’s colour presently in play.

Read on to learn the basic steps of how to play Uno

Step 1: Start the Game and Take Your Turn

The game of Uno has consistent turns. However, the initial turn has a significant variance. You must confirm the face-up card at the top of the discard pile at the beginning of your round. You must do the action if this card is an action card. For instance, your turn will be skipped if a skip card is currently in play.

If a reverse card is present, the game will move counter-clockwise rather than clockwise once you have completed your turn. Therefore, instead of the person to your left, the second player will be the person to your right.

If the beginning card in the discard pile is a wild or a wild, draw four cards instead. Thus this is the lone exception to the norm. You get to decide what colour the round will start with if the face-up card is a wild card.

If you pick a wild, draw four cards and return the card to the draw pile. You can flip over a new card for the discard pile after you have reshuffled the deck.

Step 2: Make a Turn in General

You must stick to the top card in the discard pile at the start of your turn. You must act if this card is an action card. Except for action cards, you must play a card that is an exact match in number, colour or action to the card on the discard pile.

A Wild card may be used as an alternative to change the active colour. With each turn, you can play only one card. You should draw a new card from the draw pile if you have no cards you can play with.

If you can play the card you draw, you may do so. Keep the card and finish your turn if you cannot use it.

Step 3: Call Out, “Uno!”

The word “Uno” must be blurted out when just one card is left in your hand since this is quite significant. Even if you still have a chance to win the game without shouting “Uno,” you risk being detected.

After your turn, if someone hears you forget to say “Uno,” they might call you out for failing to acknowledge that you only have one card. You are required to draw two extra cards as a consequence if this happens.

Step 4: Adding to the Draw Pile

You must shuffle the discard pile to restart if you run out of cards during a game.

After shuffling, make a fresh discard pile by turning the top card of the draw pile over. To follow or adhere to any action card, the following player must follow the new hue or number.

Step 5: Complete a Round to Win the Game

The game round is over after each player has used all their cards and has no more to play. Points are determined based on the cards that the other players still have in their hands.

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In most cases, the first player who reaches 500 points wins the game. To select the winner, participants should specify a certain number of points or times before the game starts.

A new Uno round starts if a round concludes with no winner. Keep track of each player’s points to see who wins the game of Uno at the end. Hopefully, you now understand how to play Uno by following the easy procedures outlined above.

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