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How to read palms

A Guide on How to Read and Interpret Palms

Palm reading, a mystical art used around the globe, originated in India in the early days. It is also known as chiromancy or palmistry. Some people believe that one’s palms signify something about the person. When you look at your palms, the number of lines you see, how deep or fine they seem, the direction your fingerprints whorl and how knobby your bone structure is are some features said to reveal something about your personality.

This article is the ultimate guide on interpreting palms. There’re two main things to check when it comes to palm reading:

  • The lines on your palm
  • The shape of your hands

Your Palm’s Lines

Here, you’ll start by choosing a hand. Then identify the 4 major lines: the heart, head, life and fate line (only present in some people). Interpreting these lines:

The Heart Line

The heart line is believed to show romantic perspectives, emotional stability, cardiac health and depression. Going into the basic interpretations:

  • If the line is below your index finger, it means you’re content with your love life.
  • If the line starts below your middle finger, you’re selfish in love matters.
  • When a line starts in the centre, it suggests an easy tendency to fall in love.
  • You’re less interested in romance when the line appears straight and short.
  • When the line touches the life line, it implies you’re easily broken.
  • A broken line means emotional trauma.

The Head Line

This line shows the learning style, knowledge, intellectualism and communication approach. The basic interpretations are:

  • A short line means that the person chooses physical achievements over mental ones.
  • A curved sloping line implies that the person is creative.
  • If separated from the life line, you’re adventurous and a life enthusiast.
  • A wavy line means that one has a short attention span.
  • A deep long line means that your thinking is focused and clear.
  • A straight line means you think realistically.
  • A broken line is taken for inconsistencies in thought.

The Life Line

This line begins around your thumb and moves towards the wrist in an arc shape. Basic interpretations are as below:

  • The line very close to the thumb indicates that the person is often tired.
  • A curvy line means that one has so much energy.
  • A long and deep one means vitality.
  • Straight and close to your palm’s edge means you’re cautious about relationship matters.
  • A broken line means a sudden change in one’s lifestyle.

The Fate Line

The fate or destiny line shows the extent to which one’s life is influenced by external conditions that are beyond their control.

  • If the line is deep, you’re controlled by fate.
  • If the line breaks and changes directions, you’re much more likely to face life changes brought about by external forces.
  • Joined to life line indicates that you’re a self-made person.
  • The line beginning at the thumb base and crossing the life line shows that friends and family offer support.

The Shape of Your Hands

Each shape of your hand shows specific character traits. Basic interpretations are:

  • Water – This type of palm is often oval-shaped with long and flexible fingers. They indicate that the person is creative, moody at times, and introverted.
  • Air – The palms appear rectangular or square and show that the person is friendly and witty, does things differently and in radical ways and is comfortable with the intangible and the mental.
  • Earth – These palms are broad and square-shaped. It means that the person is sometimes materialistic, practical and responsible, has solid values and energy and is sometimes stubborn.
  • Fire – The palms also appear to be square or rectangular. The palms’ length is greater than that of the fingers. It shows that the person is extroverted, does things boldly, is sometimes self-centred, insensitive and impulsive, and is spontaneous and optimistic.


Palm readers can reveal much about you, considering your palm’s lines and shape. The palmists not only believe in what is mentioned above, but they also believe that your palms can reveal other things, including the number of children you’ll have in the future and their genders. But note that these are just the basics of palmistry, and not all people believe in them. Some argue that it is just a superstitious belief, for there’s no empirical evidence to support it.

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